Internship procedures are supervised by ITU Central Internship Office and Department Internship Committee. All students are advised to read ITU internship regulations carefully:
ITU Internship Regulations »

Additional Departmental requirements are given below:
Annex 1. (for Article 5) Students are allowed to start their summer internship at the end of fourth semester.
Annex 2. (for Article 8) Students are required to complete a total of 30-days of summer internship (min. 15 days at once) in private or state institutions to be graduated.
Annex 3. Summer internships days completed for first major of double-major students can be subtracted from the required duration (e.g. 30 days) with the prior approval of Department’s Summer Internship Committee. For this, at least 15 days of internship should include topics listed at Annex 4.
Annex 4. Institutions and areas suitable for summer internship of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department are listed below. For any other area/topic, approval of Department’s Summer Internship Committee has to be taken.

  1. State or private Research Centers and University Departments with activities on Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biological Sciences, Bioengineering or Biotechnology
  2. Laboratories at Medical, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences Faculties in which molecular biology techniques are applied
  3. Private laboratories in which molecular biology techniques are applied.
  4. State or private institutions with R&D or production activities concerning industrial biotechnology
  5. Companies with laboratory administration and management or analysis for diagnosis, quality control or product development activities
  6. Institutions with computational biology activities including bioinformatics, analysis of biological interactions by molecular modelling, data mining in biological areas.