İTÜ Molecular Biology and Genetics Department

anasayfa hakkimizda

Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, one of the research active departments of our University, aims to understand the fundamental principles of life in molecular level and to translate this knowledge in various applications in medical, agricultural, food, environmental and industrial fields by collaboration with other disciplines.

Our students have opportunity to get experience not only in basic research areas like bacterial, yeast and human genetics, molecular immunology, protein structure and function, environmental microbiology, neurobiology and molecular modelling, but also in applicative and interdisciplinary fields such as biomaterials, bionanotechnology, biotechnological drugs, enzyme biotechnology and protein engineering..

Along with fundamental natural sciences, students take field based courses like microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, molecular genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, immunology, etc. and benefit from the infrastructure of ITU Dr. Orhan Ocalgiray Molecular Biology-Biotechnology and Genetics Research Centre (MOBGAM).

While some of our graduates choose to pursue academic career, others work in different fields, mostly related with medical and pharmaceutical field, such as clinical studies for new drugs, biotechnological drug development, genetic labs, biotechnology companies and IVF centres.